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Variety PY2
Name Punithavathi
Parentage Kannagi/Cul.2032
Duration 100
Season Kuruvai and Navarai
Area Of Adoption Pondicherry
Yield 4.7
Habit Semi dwarf; erect
Leaf Sheath Green
Axil Green
Junction Auricle Ligule Colourless
Septum Cream
Leaf Blade Nil
Flag Leaf Erect
Fertile Glumes Green when fresh and straw on ripening
Apiculus Green
Awns Nil
Panicle Long, compact and dr
Excertion Exserted
Grain 8.1x2.2x1.7
Grain Weight 18.52
Brown Rice Nil
LBratio Nil
Rice Grade Medium slender
Rice Colour White
Abdominal White Absent
Transluency Translucent
Milling Nil
Protein Content Nil