S. No
 Name of the Scientist
 Designation  Expertise  Profile Details
 1.  Dr. S. Mohankumar
Director, Centre for Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, TNAU
Molecular Ecology, Molecular insect plant interaction

 2.  Dr. N. Kumaravadivel
Professor and Head
Plant Molecular biology and Bioinformatics, CPMB & B
Marker - assisted back cross breeding and gene pyramiding

 3.  Dr. R. Gnanam
Professor and Head
Plant Biotechnology, CPMB & B
Plant Tissue Culture
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 4.  Dr. D. Uma
Professor and Head
Plant Biochemistry, CPMB & B
Bioprospecting and phytochemistry
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 6.  Dr. S. Sudhakar
Professor (Biotechnology)
 Plant Genetic Engineering View profile
 7.  Dr. N. Senthil
Professor (Biotechnology)  Genomics & Molecular Breeding View profile
 8.  Dr. M. Raveendran
Professor (Biotechnology)  Molecular Breeding and Functional Genomics View profile
 9.  Dr. L. Arul
Professor (Biotechnology)  Molecular Characterization of Salt Stress Genes in Rice View profile
 10.  Dr. E. Kokiladevi
Associate Professor (Biotechnology)
 Plant Genetic Transformation View profile
 11.  Dr. K. K. Kumar
Associate Professor (Biotechnology)  Transgenic Plants View profile
 12.  Dr. N. Manikanda Boopathi
Associate Professor (Biotechnology)  Genomics Assisted Breeding View profile
 13.  Dr. S. Rajesh
Assistant Professor (Biotechnology)   Stress Molecular Biology View profile
 14.  Dr. V. P. Santhanakrishnan
Assistant Professor (Biotechnology)   Metabolites and Fine chemicals View profile
 15.  Dr. P. Meenakshisundaram
 Assistant Professor (Biotechnology)  Molecular Stress Resistance View profile
 16.  Dr. M. Sudha
 Assistant Professor (Biotechnology)  Pulse Genomics View profile
 17. Dr. S. Varanavasiappan
Assistant Professor (Biotechnology)  Micro - nutrient deficiency and toxicity in plants View profile
Mrs. N. Bharathi
Assistant Professor (Biinformatics)  Computer- aided drug design, Plant pathogen interaction View profile
 19. Dr. M. Jayakanthan
Assistant Professor (Bioinformatics)  Allele mining and abiotic stress resistance in plant genome View profile
 20.  Dr. N. Saranya                                
Assistant Professor (Bioinformatics)  Comparative genomics and Computer - aided drug design View profile
 21  Dr. S. Sridevy
 Assistant Professor (Bioinformatics)  Image processing and mining  View profile